LOVINGLIFE, NOT DAMAGING IT.

Loving life is not only based on your surroundings, it’s also between two people yeah I said it right. We have to find a way in which to transfer the love from our surroundings to our fellow human beings. We got to find that person who is like your twin you wished you had, he/she has to feel you, like you, love you. But before you find that person you have do some research.
Nowadays we’ve been hearing bout the new way in which the rich are scammed, its much proficient in the European countries, tales have been told, tears have been wasted, hopes of becoming or having a successful live has been gone because people have taken love for granted and not real. They use love as a nuclear weapon to take what does not belong to them, they pretend to be in love not knowing they are in the highest form of lust. This has become the most excellent efficient way a robbery is carried out in the twinkle of an eye.
After a long day work, go back home, eat, sleep, some don’t have the knowledge that something is missing they just tend to live their lives like a zombie. A piece of you is missing and that is your love life. You don’t take care of it that’s why when you open your phone, log in your vast social media app and see a friend request and immediately accept it thinking ‘oh he/she is looking good let me get to know her’ not knowing you are about to be robbed by an outcast or outlaw. You fall in love all of a sudden not knowing the consequences, not knowing they are about to dupe your hard earned earnings. He/she asks for something and you willingly send it without no cause and then all of a sudden you lose contact of the person.
All these happened because of 1 reason and it’s because you didn’t properly take care of your love life.
‘If you end up having the whole world under your feet without love you gain nothing’ —-‘don ben’

       Let’s spend some time to thinking about what I just said because I have seen a lot of these bad people [scammers] who use love as a sacred nuclear weapon to dupe people of their monthly/yearly earnings. We’ve got to keep an eye around for the positives and negatives of this world for with love we can conquer the negatives. Create time for yourself, look for love and make it worth.  

Loving life

Well, so far we’ve heard of many suicide incidents happening in the world today, some from relationships kept untidy,from our work places, our arrogant neighbors or even family at times. In the 21st century, it has been recorded that the rate at which humans tend to take their lives is far much worse than the past.

Many may say ” this world is too filled up let me lessen the crowd for the father”, please are you the father?, Did the father urge you to take your life?, Did you buy the life you were living before you took it?. These are some questions you ask yourself before taking what does not belongs to you.

‘I can’t take her wroths again, she’s too abusive, she hurts my feelings all the time, she never allows me to move, I’m stagnant all my life’ said Lisa before she took her life. The woman Lisa betrayed over there was her mother who nursed her for 9 months, she kept you alive but yet all the pains she went through was all for nothing, she automatically invested in a desert never knowing that it hardly rains there. We’ve got to treat this suicide cases as though we are treating a patient with cancer

Depression is another factor that tends to the loss of life, let’s take a look at the life of the legend “AVICII” (1989-2018) , he died of depression(suicide), he was tired of living life but I’m here today to say there are more than a thousand reason to love your life

Wise Quotes from Lovlife

Wise Quotes About Love

  • “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu.
  • “There is always some madness in love. …
  • “The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.”